JPet's Central

This site has been made so I can showcase my pets! I don't have much but the Family keeps growing and I would like to post about them here! I have a couple of different types of animals wich I love so much! I just want to show you guys what makes them, well them! Theres a couple of pages on to care for some of my unique pets as well as ammazing links that I have found around.


I Hope you enjoy this site!
- Gdslvqkrsall


.:: April 14, 2006 ::.
Baby Ducks! Are soon to arrive! They are expected by Wednesday of Next week! I will be writing a journal for them, Check out my Duck page for more info

.:: April 15, 2006 ::.
My Euglandina Rosea! (Hymhar Baloo) ate! It has been 3 days since I have him and today I saw him eating! I am glad!